Q: Where do you source your ingredients?

A:  All of our treats are manufactured here in the USA and we only use ingredients sourced here in the USA as well. We do this not only to maintain the highest quality standards, but to support the US economy as well.

Q: Can puppies eat these treats?

A: First and foremost, your puppy should be old enough to chew and swallow kibble before introducing them to our treats, even then though, some breeds may require you to break our treats apart to make them small enough to swallow. Also, be aware that excited puppies sometimes forget to chew. That said, while in our experience puppies love our cookies, it should be noted that puppies come in a variety of sizes and some may be more sensitive than others to new foods. It's best that you use your judgement and your experience with your puppy to determine if he or she is ready for our treats. You can always consult your veterinarian as well.

As far as sensitivities go, we find that dogs with sensitive stomachs tend to do best with Sebastian's Delight, our pumpkin cookie. Pumpkin is naturally soothing to dogs stomachs after all.

Q: How did you come up with your flavors?

A: All of our flavors are derived from the likes of our own dogs over the years. Having cooked our dogs food from scratch for so long, we have tried many different fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. When we see one or a combination that the dogs particularly enjoy, we take note.

Then of course there was our amazing dog Murdock. That hound had a nose for berries. Out here in the country he would catch the scent of wild blueberries, strawberries and blackberries and sneak off to gorge himself, but the spains on his muzzle were always a sure sign of what he'd been up to.

Each flavor is named for the family dog, or the dog of a friend that expressed his or her opinion as to the worthyness of the flavor we are naming.


Q: Where can we get your cookies?

A: You can purchase our cookies from many online retailers, including Amazon.com, and small pet boutiques around the country. If there is a local shop that you would like to see carry our cookies, it couldn't hurt to let them know about us, or to drop us an email with the store's name and contact information.

Q: Can people eat your cookies?


A: Yes. Yes you can sample them. In fact we do. Our cookies were originally based on our favorite biscotti recipie. While the recipie has changed some over the past ten years (we've adapted the recipies to be wheat and corn free and changed our dough consistancy to facilitate increased production requirements), they are still made with all natural human grade ingredients and are quite tasty.


Q: How many treats should I feed my dog a day? 

A: That is a fantastic question. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast answer to it. It depends quite heavily on your dogs size, appitite and sensitivity to foods. Our treats are not a replacement for dog food, as pet foods are very stringently formulated for maximum nutrition. Our treats are supplemental, but trust me, our dogs can rarely get enough. Luckily our cookies are small in size so they are easily used for dog training and general rewards.

Q: Why are your treats so small? 

A: While our treats may seem somewhat small, they are infact bitesize for almost all breeds. We chose this size to accomodate both general purpose rewarding of dogs, and for use by dog trainers.