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Dog Smart

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Hide treats in the compartments underneath some of the hollow blocks. Let the dog search for the treats by letting it use its mouth to lift one block after another in order to find the treats underneath. The dog cannot knock the blocks down with its paw but has to lift them up one by one with its mouth.

Make it more difficult...
When your dog understands how to play the game, you can vary the game by hiding a different amount of treats per round and you can put some of the blocks upside-down with treats inside the hollow blocks. 
Put a piece of cloth or paper over the treats and put back the blocks.....
Teach the dog to put each block in a bowl when working with the DogSmart.
More difficult: put the blocks back!

The Idea…
… with DogSmart is to have a pleasant and rewarding time together with your dog. You show how to play, your dog watches, listens and learns and you both have fun together! 
Your dog will enjoy these moments and look forward each time to playing.

Do not let the dog bite the Dog Smart or chew the blocks. Play with it together with the dog. Do not leave the dog unattended.