MixMax (Blue)

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Dog Mixmax Blue.jpg
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MixMax (Blue)

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 A completely new and unique concept of activity games for dogs. Hide treats and let your dog figure out how to find them.

Use one game by itself, or put together several games to create the ultimate BIG game at the level that your dog needs. You decide how difficult it will be, from easy to very advanced – there are endless possibilities!

Tricky and fun for ALL dogs, regardless of age, size or breed

Difficulty levels;  2. Medium/B blue,  3. Advanced/C red.  4. Very advanced - by combining several games, see below.

How does Mix Max Puzzle work:

While the dog watches, place the blocks in the game according to the picture, and put treats or dry food in it through the hole at the top of each block.

Start by using only one game. Let the dog try to figure out how to get the blocks out through one of the openings on the side of the game, in order to get to the treats. If needed, help the dog by moving a block towards an opening, so the dog understands that there are treats underneath the block.

When the dog understands how the game works, you can put together as many games as you want, of the difficulty level that your dog needs. The block with treats hidden has to be moved between the games to an opening at the end, in order to get the treats out.

Note: Play together with your dog and supervise closely so he does not bite or chew on the game or the blocks.

Not a toy for children, only for animals.

Tips: For an easier level 1 game, unscrew and remove the rotating disc.